Ethically Collected ▪ Sustainably Processed ▪ Distributed Wisely

Hair Extensions International ensures your hair is collected ethically

HEI processing meets ISO14001 standards, ensuring International environmental management systems and International Health Standards

HEI only distributes to hairdressers that are fully trained in the application of HEI Hair Extensions

Together, we are committed to scientific, sustainable and harmonious development, energy-saving, eco-friendly and innovative techniques

In the past hair extensions have been misunderstood and consumers have been inundated with misleading information. Hair Extensions International would like to address some of these misrepresentations.

A new system is now available that uses the most advanced technology available, and it has been proven to be beneficial not only to salons, but ultimately to the end user.

The demand for Hair Extensions is rising dramatically. The new Hair Extension system is an improvement of current technology in the hair extension industry!